Boston Bike Polo
Bostons Best Bike Polo
Los Marcos Madness!
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Boston will be there…yes…

Ken’s Southie Tourney video
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This one is worth watching, really bizarre night effects…but for some reason I can’t get it to embed. Click to view…

Boston Southie Night Polo from Ken Stanek on Vimeo.

Gus is a nerd…for polo
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but we love him anyway. Check out a few new videos he’s added to the polo library.

Fixed and free? The best of both worlds.

Making a mallet, quick and dirty.

Southie Summer Tourney – a recap in images
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3-2-1 polo!
more polo

team richmond with the four sponsorship


befour pukepuke
yes to four, no to shotgunning it


a match

the polo ladies


handsome gentlemen


tiki polo

night polo






the players

Thanks to everyone who posted their images on flickr! There are tons more to be had there. Add them to the boston bike polo pool! And thanks again to everyone who came out to play or watch.

North Side 2008 – OTTAWA
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Who is in? Do we have cars going? Get some teams together!

North Side 2008

August 1-4 you know how we do it!

North Side Polo Invite 2008 Schedule of Events.

Friday Aug.1 NSPI kick off party
6pm @ World exchange plaza, Alleycat/Scavenger hunt.
Alleycat ends at Ev Tremblay park. Polo til dark.
After party @ B-Dubs place. 41 Arthur St. Just north of Somerset.
BBQ. Beers. 50/50 draw. Get drunk.

Saturday Aug.2 Polo round robin. 10am-9pm.
Get ready for the best time of your life!
9:30 Simpsons Trivia Alleycat. You don’t have to be fast.
Race ends @ Club Saw , 67 Nicholas St.
Goldsprint qualifier, hang with all your friends, get yer drink on till 2am.

Sunday Aug.3 Polo final. 10am-8:30pm.
Awards party. Goldsprint finals. 9:30pm-2am
Get yer drink again. @ Club Saw, 67 Nicholas St.

Monday Aug 4 Continental breakfast @ TBA.
Hardcourt Bike Polo Open Forum. 10/11am

Tourney Recap
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polo players
Again thanks to all the folks who put this tourney together. I especially want to thank everyone who traveled to play. I, and I am sure all of Boston Bike Polo, was humbled by the show of comraderie from NYC, class from Ottawa and belligerence from RVA.

With a random seed of 16 teams in a double elimination bracket, each city had a team in the final four. The Coque Bloquers went undefeated. We held a playoff game to establish third place.

1st Place: Ottawa – Coque Bloquers (Alexis, Robbie, Jen)

2nd Place: Boston – Judas and the Betrayers (Nick, Tyler, Jav)

Turd Place: RVA – Steel Horsemen (Dennis, Sean, Ian)
(click through the jump for more awards and rankings!)

4th Place: NYC – BrenQuinnAul 1999 (Paul, Brendan, Quinn)

5th Place with three wins: RVA – Team Jenny (Phil, Steven, Jake)

6th Place with two wins: Boston/Ottawa/NYC – Super Spackle Monkey (Howard, Brian, Johnny)
Boston – Satan Fingering People (Aaron, Jon, Tyler/Brendan)
RVA -Team Andy/Galaxy Defenders/Dirt Stash (Bainesworth, Nick, Ben Z.)

7th Place with one win: Los Marcostan – Los Marcos (El Bueno, El Malo, El Gigante)
Boston – Fuck! (Tim, Jamie, Ruben)
Boston – BackStabbing Whores (Toby, Howl, Mike)
RVA/??/Ottawa – Border Patrol (Zach, Josh, Carol)

8th Place with no wins: Boston – Shit Scissor (Brandon, Cole, Andrew)
RVA – Shooter’s Passion (Andy, Sean, Zach)
Boston/Germany – Bomb Pop (Kat, Lauren, Markus)

The sportsmanship award – los power! – went to Los Marcos. Three sweet chinatown swords with scabbards.

The out-of-town alliance award went to Richmond – a MD20/20 for each team. Well deserved!

MVP’s: Jen from Ottowa – scored the tournament winning goal, just one of many amazing shots.
Jake from Richmond – helped hold his team in 5th with great play all around
Nick from Boston! Wooooo! He rocks! Too many amazing plays to list them all.

DFL went to Team Teddy Bear (Eric, Jeremy, Ben) who went scoreless in both matches but managed to hold the second match up to 0-4. Great job guys! Here’s what they won:


Thanks to BOSTONBIKER.ORG who was the best sponsor an event could ask for. Also thanks to PBR for the free beer and Geekhouse for the swell t-shirts!

Southie Schedule
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A little recap.
Friday night: meet up with out of town folks and bbq at Jon and Kat’s in JP. Possibly play a few pick up games nearby.

Saturday: People should get there early (10am?) for warm up games and to figure out last minute teams. Registration starts at 11am. Tournament starts at noon. It’ll be over when it’s over.

That night we’ll bbq at Aaron’s shop in Dorchester.

Sunday:Relaxed pick-up games and grudge matches all day.

Friday night, looking for some polo?
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BBQ/beers at Jon & Kat’s. Polo courts perfect for some quick games are nearby if anyone gets in the mood. We’ll have veggies and fruit and deserts and some various salads, but if you want meat you should bring that yourself.  Email me for address/directions.

Housing for the Southie Tourney
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The tournament is coming soon, and we are working out housing arrangements for all of you out-of-towners that need a spot to sleep. If you haven’t already contacted us, let us know where you’re coming from and how many people you’re bringing so we can set you up with a host. Contact editor at boston bike polo dot com.

Fung what?
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fung wah

(Photo by Annie Tritt for The New York Times)

By Noah Bierman, Globe Staff

A dump truck struck a parked Fung Wah bus in New York this morning, creating a chain of collisions that left one pedestrian dead and six others injured, police said.

At 7:49 a.m., the Boston-bound Fung Wah bus was in the process of loading passengers in Chinatown, its driver stationed by the front door.

A private dump truck driver, Alejandro Fallo, 54, lost control of his vehicle, said New York Police Department Detective Mindy Diaz. When the truck hit the bus, it propelled the bus onto the sidewalk, where it hit a fire hydrant, and careened into the front of a bank on the corner of Canal Street and Bowery.

Meanwhile, the dump truck sputtered into three more parked vans before finally stopping.

Lai Ho, 57 of Brooklyn, was among several people waiting to cross the street. A sign attached to a light pole fell on her, Diaz said. She was taken to Beekman Hospital, where she was pronounced dead from a heart attack, Diaz said.

Five others, including two police officers, were treated for minor injuries and released, she said. Fallo, who drives for the CPQ Freight Systems out of New Jersey, was in the hospital in critical but stable condition. Diaz said he tested negative for alcohol. Police are now looking into whether his brakes were working correctly.

“They’re trying to determine if there’s going to be any criminal charges pending,” she said. “But so far, it doesn’t look that way.”

The Fung Wah bus was almost empty, with two people boarding at the time of the crash, she said. The company — which offers low fare tickets between Boston and New York — has received negative publicity for its safety record in recent years. But in this case, there was nothing the driver could have done, Diaz said.

“They were minding their own business,” she said.

Workers who answered the phone at Fung Wah’s offices had no comment.